My encounter with an escort began after the death of my wife which resulted in a very lonely Christmas. I was miserable and desperately needed some female company.

My journey to find Birmingham escorts began with research on the internet. To my amazement, there were so many escorts and escort agencies in the UK, I felt a bit bewildered. Therefore, I searched for escorts and escort agencies in my area to narrow down the search. However, once again on initial inspection, I felt spoilt for choice for escort in my area. But alarm bells rang as I thought ” are all of these escorts and escort agencies genuine”. You hear of some horror stories where clients get scammed out of money or beaten up by pimps. So, I began to filter through the escort adverts in my area to see if they were all genuine. The escort adverts and websites soon began to stand out from the successful, genuine and transparent ones to the misleading ones.

My instinct told me to try an escort agency. They were on page one of Google for my search term and I really liked how easily I could navigate around their website. Everything was clear, from the escort’s photos, descriptions, statistics and reviews from other clients.

I decided I like the look of Rosie, a blonde and naturally busty, white British girl, to be my first encounter with an escort. Apparently, she was in her late 20’s, experienced but had youthful looks. Rosie had lots of positive reviews and one bad review, but he claimed she returned the money, which for me seemed the escort and escort agency showed honesty.

Birmingham escort agency

The phone number of the escort agency was clearly printed at the top of the website, so I took a deep breath and rang. The phone was engaged. After a few attempts, which i took as a positive sign for a successful agency, a very chirpy lady answered the phone. I had no clue what to do or say, so I simply said ” can I book Rosie, please” To my surprise, the friendly receptionist began to make conversation with me. She didn’t recognize my voice, so asked me if this was my first time calling. Before I knew it, I had spilled out to her that my wife had died and I was lonely and totally forgot that I was talking to a stranger. The escort agency receptionist was so sympathetic and easy to talk to, I almost forgot the original reason that I had called, to book Rosie.

The receptionist explained the booking procedure and everything to me in detail. She asked me if I had any requests. I hesitated, because what I wanted, probably sounded a little freaky. The receptionist picked up on my hesitation and told me not to be shy. She said the escort Rosie was very open minded and as long as no one gets hurt there is never any issue with my request. So I asked if she would mind dressing up in my dead wifes clothes and wearing some of her perfume. As I took a deep breath, waiting for her to call me a sicko, she replied “no problem, I will tell Rosie of your request and she will put the clothes on when you arrive with them”

I arrived at the apartment and rang the receptionist again to get the incall apartment number. Shortly after knocking on the door, Rosie opened the door. She was wearing a silk gown that was slightly open to show off her cleavage. Her hair cascaded over her shoulders. Her black high heels emphasized her long toned legs. She gave me a big white smile and flung her arms around my neck as though we had met before. She then pulled me into her apartment, closed the door with her foot and started to tenderly kiss me. “Hi im Rosie” she said as her hands wondered around my body. She led me to the sofa and sat down closely next to me, with one arm around my next and her hand softly on my groin. She offered me a drink, which I declined through nerves. We began to talk and slowly I began to relax. She was chatty and funny, but always affectionately touching me.

She excused herself whilst she went and changed into my wifes clothes. I felt emotion as I smelt her perfume coming from through the bedroom. She playfully called me name and I proceeded to follow her into the bedroom. Laid seductively on the luxury bed was Rosie the escort, pretending to be my wife. I laid down beside her and closed my eyes, taking a deep smell of her perfume. During our private session, Rosie did not talk, and I did not open my eyes. My fantasy roleplay was that my wife was with me again. She was pleasing me and loving me and kissing me, just like my wife used to do. She was amazing!

Needless to say, my encounter with an escort was perfect and exactly what I needed. No one made me feel awkward or like I was a weirdo. I felt mentally at ease with myself for the first time since my wife had died. I could think straight. It made me sleep better at night.

My conclusion is that escorts are looked down upon, but people don’t actually realise how they help men like me in society!

How to promote Birmingham escorts

How to promote your escort services depends on whether you are an independent escort or if you work for an escort agency.

An independent escort is a free-lance escort who is responsible for promoting herself. An independent escort must pay out of her own pocket as a professional self-employed businesswoman, running her own business. These escorts who work for themselves, need to ensure that they have a website and phone number. However, an independent escort must ensure she had put adverts on escort directories, local newspapers and classified sites to gain web traffic to her website. Nowadays, social media is the key to gaining an audience. Therefore, an independent escort should try and find the time to engage in social media such as twitter and Instagram. There are some social media platforms, such as Facebook, which do not allow adult businesses such as escorts or escort agencies to promote their business. Another problem for Independent escorts is advert prices are higher than other businesses. Therefore, to promote your escort services, you will pay more than average for an advert which, unless you are a successful independent escort, will take a lot out of your profit.

Word of mouth is the best way to promote your escort services regardless of whether you are an independent escort or an escort agency. Believe it or not, clients talk and confer about their escort experiences! Clients can talk through the many punting forums on the internet and escort social media. A bad review, from a verified genuine client, can make your promotion difficult. The best way to promote your escort services is to get a fantastic review from your clients and this word of mouth promotion will make other clients want to see you. Most first time escorts with work with a reputable escort agency.

Birmingham Escort agencies are a good option.

Although to work for an escort agency the promotion of escort services is the same, the wonderful fact is the escort agency pays to promote their escorts! The escort agency is responsible for photos, website and placing the adverts to get clients to see their escorts. Of course, no matter how well an escort agency promotes their escort services, it is up to the escorts themselves to have repeat clients and good feedback. An escort agency could pay thousands to promote all their escorts, but if an escort does not make an effort at her job, word of mouth will soon give that particular escort a bad reputation. Also for safety reasons of those escorts offering role plays for example, its much better being looked after by someone. As they will ensure your safe.

For independent escorts and escort agency girls to promote their services, the best advice is to try and stand out from the rest. Make your escort service unique. To be the best an escort needs to do her best and more! There are so many independent escorts and escort agencies promoting their services which means there is some real stiff competition. If an escort is not a stereotypical picture-perfect escort, then compensate with the promotion of your escort services. There are plenty of successful escorts who service the niche market from plus size escorts, to escorts with full pubic hair. There is no set image for an escort. Clients enjoy spice, variety and something different from their everyday personal lives. So don’t be afraid to promote a different escort service, you would be surprised how many clients will want to try it! Good luck and happy escorting!

Importance of Foreplay with a Birmingham escort

The importance of foreplay with your escort can be the difference between a fantastic sexual encounter and a bad one. It is important that you communicate with your escort with regards to the foreplay that you enjoy. If you escort is taking the lead in foreplay, tell her what is making you aroused. Foreplay can be a relaxing massage, a sexy lap dance, seductive striptease and flirting with your escort. Foreplay can be in the bathtub, touching, kissing or wearing a fantasy roleplay outfit. The importance of foreplay with an escort is to get aroused before your sex session. An escort who is really turned on and horny through forplay can give a mind-blowing sexual encounter. The buildup of excitement during foreplay can be the make or break of sex finished with an explosive orgasm. A client or escort who does not engage in foreplay can be left feeling sexually neglected. If a client can arouse an escort through foreplay, his appointment with her will be the best sexual experience he has ever had. You will not bring the sexy side of your Birmingham escorts without some form of Foreplay. Even the Birmingham escorts will be grateful for it!

Studies show that escorts who offer “O.W.O” or “Oral With Out” are more popular than escorts who do not offer this service. O.W.O escorts are an important part of foreplay for a male client. Over 90% of clients asked in an escort survey, stated that a blowjob was the most important part of foreplay with an escort and they could not get aroused for sex without it. 98% of escorts asked in a client survey stated that they can perform better as an escort when foreplay is involved.

Foreplay is the equivalent to a warm up in the gym. Foreplay gets you motivated to help you perform better in bed with an escort or client. With this in mind certainly you can pick an escort for maximum pleasure much simpler!

The use of sex toys can be a really important part of foreplay and adds some variation, which is important if you visit a regular escort. Some escorts cannot reach an orgasm through penetrate sex, so need toys to stimulate the clitoris.

GFE Birmingham escorts

The importance of foreplay with an escort is that it can stimulate a real G.F.E or Girl Friend Experience. In a loving relationship, foreplay is performed to please each other, so this is no different to a G.F.E escort. An escort who offers a G.F.E wants to please you, stimulate you and caress you, so you feel as though you are with a girlfriend for that duration of time. Feeling wanted and needed through foreplay is a very important part for a client visiting an escort.

Of course, we appreciate there are some clients that can only book short half an hour appointment during work time or this is all that they can afford. These clients in shorter bookings may not have time for foreplay or to stimulate their escort. Therefore, as above, o.w.o is so important to them, a form of foreplay that really gets the clients aroused quickly. We also appreciate that some clients feel that if they are paying, why should they spend their punting time trying to arouse an escort. Surely, it’s the escorts job to arouse the client?! Well, escorts allow for this perspective of thinking and always carry lubrication in their box of tricks. But those clients that do make the effort into arousing an escort through foreplay, really noticed the heightened sensations.

So, we summarise with, the importance of foreplay with your escort is that your appointment will be more pleasurable for the both of you!

How Birmingham escorts ensure their Safety

o ensure your safety as an escort you should consider working for an escort agency who have security and safety measures in place for their girls. Escort agencies will verify clients before your appointment. Escort agencies provide a safe incall premises to work from, so your home address can be kept private. An escort agency will know where their escorts are at all times.

Independent escorts and girls who work for an escort agency should never give out any personal details about themselves, friends or family. Keep your escort work totally separate from your personal life.

Escort agencies and independent escorts should always use a “working name” rather than their real name. Under no circumstances should a client know your real name because it is very easy to obtain everything about you.

If you decide that working with an escort agency isn’t right for you and you would rather be an independent escort. There are ways to ensure your safety as an independent escort. To ensure your safety as an independent escort keep a detailed record of clients who phone, do not make a booking, do not turn up, who do attend a booking with you and consequently a review of the client. To ensure your safety as an escort, this detailed record will be your “secret diary of a call girl” and must be put in a place where it could be found if you ever went missing. Although police will be able to access your phone record, having this detailed secret record will help to find you quicker. If you can, always tell someone where you are going! If this is not possible, then we recommend you take a taxi and book the taxi in advance for the end of the appointment. Having a security driver, even if it is a taxi man, is always a big deterrent for any dishonest client.

Stay away from drunks.

If the client sounds drunk or under the influence of drugs when you speak to him on the phone, then do not make the booking. Likewise, if when you first meet a client and he appears to be drunk, under the influence of drugs, or more people are present with him, do not start the appointment. Although many escorts have a drink with their clients, ensure your safety as an escort by not getting drunk and out of control. If you do have a drink with your client, try and only drink from cans or bottles that you have opened yourself so it is not possible for the client to ”spike” your drink with any drugs. If at any point you feel threatened, scared or your gut feeling is telling you that “something doesn’t feel right” then leave immediately. Keep calm and make an excuse to go outside. Or make an excuse to go to the bathroom and take your mobile phone to call for help. Remember as an escort you are doing nothing illegal, so at any point you can ring the police and they will help you.

Above we have spoken about how to ensure your safety as an escort physically. But a big safety matter as an escort is your health! Always practice safe sex to avoid Sexually transmitted diseases or S.T.D´s. The safest way to avoid sexually transmitted diseases is to wear a condom. Always ensure you have condoms in your work bag, so a client can never use the excuse not to wear one. Escorts should also attend the S.T.D clinic regularly just to ensure they are always clear of infections. Even if you have no symptoms and are always using a condom, for peace of mind you should still attend a clinic regularly.

Avoid having sex with any client who has any symptoms of an S.T.D and politely tell him of your concerns, he may not even be aware! Likewise, avoid kissing any client who has signs of a cold sore. A cold sore is the herpes simplex virus which is closely related to genital herpes. A cold sore is highly contagious! A cold-sore, although fairly common, it looks very unsightly particularly for an escort and will ruin her appearance for work!

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